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Clearwater our Workplace Mediation Arm is a trading style of PMS - We are pleased to offer our Work Place Mediation Service to all HR departments, employers and employees within the region, whether your organsiation is an SME or a multinational Corporation we can help resolve your work place conflicts.

From our experience it is better to deal with the conflict quickly before it becomes an entrenched behaviour pattern. Call us now to see how we can help your business.

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A Restorative Approach that seeks the Peace & Prosperity of Portsmouth
Everyone has a right to peaceful & quite Enjoyment
20 Years Of Experience
Portsmouth Mediation Service was established in 1996, a registered community charity, we have worked tirelessly to resolve disputes and conflict within Portsmouth and the surrounding area. We strongly believe that your quality of life, at home and in your community, should not be compromised by dispute or conflict. We are here to help you find peace- call us now to find out more about our service.
Mediation - is a form of alternative dispute resolution - it is a process in which impartial Mediators listen to the concerns of the parties involved and then empower them to explore ways forward. The outcomes are surprisingly successful and generally less stressful than other options.
Our Service is increasingly being used in a wide range of areas of dispute and conflict resolution often extending beyond just Mediation. Our Trained Mediators are able to quickly build a rapport with the individuals and parties concerned, encouraging them to talk about their concerns and anxieties. They assist in identifying the options open - as well enabling and encouraging people to consider the views of others involved as well as the potential impact upon them and the wider community as whole - thus empowering people to find mutually agreeable solutions.
Portsmouth Mediation Service (PMS), including its Mediators, are INDEPENDENT, IMPARTIAL, NON-JUDGMENTAL and CONFIDENTIAL.
We welcome enquiries from members of the general public, businesses and organisations who may benefit from our many years of Mediation experience.
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Portsmouth Mediation Service was founded some twenty years ago, its big vision today is to operate as a centre of excellence and Influence in seeing Portsmouth established as a Restorative City. A skilled and experienced blend of highly motivated staff and volunteers are a on an exciting new journey. Through the work of assessment, mediation and restorative practice, this impartial and independent Service is working closely with the city housing officers, police, schools, university and other envisioned people and organisations to help resolve community disputes and conflict and to contribute towards the peace and prosperity of Portsmouth.

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