Assessment Service for Councils & Housing Associations
The Portsmouth Assessments Service (PAS) is available only to: Specific Organisations, Local Authorities and Housing Associations. It is a unique service pioneered in Portsmouth by us in partnership with Portsmouth City Council and developed into what is now an exceptionally effective service designed to assist with ASB, Nuisance Neighbours and general conflict within communities and neighbourhoods. Over the past 12 years of this initiative, an incredible 80-90% of cases have been resolved as a result of direct intervention by our Assessment Staff
The Key Features & Benefits of this service are
impartial and independent gathering of information from individuals involved in disputes.
direct problem solving where feasible.
identification of - and referral to, where applicable - alternative agencies which may be able to assist (including Mediation where appropriate).
a full independent written report (to the referring body).

In carrying out the assessments, we work to strict timescales and maintain necessary progress contact with the referring body, usually delivering final results within 3-6 weeks.
All of our staff are also Restorative Facillitators & Accredited Mediators and use their Restorative skills in the course of their assessment activities. Bringing these skills into the assessments adds value by:
ensuring that the people involved feel that they have been given focussed and undivided attention to their concerns and wishes
allowing the people involved to "have their say" and feel that they "have been heard"
promoting understanding between the people involved of the views, concerns, and wishes of each other
identifying and negotiating agreements which are acceptable to - and sustainable by - all the people involved
identifying ways in which the people might better communicate with each other in the future.
We offer Housing Organisations the following Benefits:
saving of individual officers' time in dealing with current problematic situations themselves.
saving of individual officers' energies in dealing with current problematic situations themselves.
being able to offer the people involved the in-put of a specialist dispute resolution service.
having written information, reporting findings, obtained by an independent and impartial body.

being able to demonstrate innovative and external (to the organisation) options for dealing with the concerns and complaints of people (e.g. customers, service users, clients, etc.).
empowerment of the people involved, enabling them to be more likely to be able to deal with any further issues themselves, without reference to the organisation.
saving of further officers' time, energy.
saving of costs which would be incurred were further problems to arise, resulting in more action being needed by the organisation.
We have been running and operating Portsmouth Assessment Service in partnership with the Housing Department of the Portsmouth City Council since 2001. Portsmouth Assessment Service is: designed for tenants and leaseholders of Portsmouth City Council (PCC) a route which may also be accessed by neighbours affected by tenants and leaseholders of the PCC, the first step in a customer driven Housing Service process for dealing with neighbour nuisance and antisocial behaviour, free to the residents involved, focused on the residents and their neighbour issues, focused on neighbour nuisance and anti-social behaviour; not other housing issues, able to identify easy ways of resolving problems, a method of dealing with issues informally, without the need for formal action (e.g. removal of tenancy, police intervention)
Our Staff are impartial and treat people in an equitable way, independent of the statutory services (e.g. Local Council, Police),handle cases in a confidential manner, apply specific conflict resolution skills.
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