Our Partners
We are always looking to build strong, sustainable relationships with organisations who are seeking to help & support Potsmouth citizens.
Here are some of our key connections:

Partnership for Restorative Justice

We are working closley with the Safer Portsmouth Partnership to reduce crime and help the victims of crime. Together we provide a cutting edge service in Restorative Conferencing.

Portsmouth Housing

We have a valuable relationship with Portsmouth City Council Housing Department, working closely to reduce anti social behaviour and local conflict and disputes.

Portsmouth University

Portsmouth Univeristy is a key partner in our work and mission. Students studying law often become volunteers for our Mediation & Restorative roles. We are also working closely with The Student Union Advice Centre and Student Housing in helping to resolve any conflicts or disputes and on November the 2nd 2016 - we have helped launch a Mediation Service within the Uni Community.

Portsmouth & District Private Landlords Association

Working with local Landlords to create more peaceful enviroments for neighbours and their communities

Portsmouth Police

Our project to support our local Police is based on relational partnership, we believe that good communication and regular feedback enables more effective and seamless referrals.

Whilst our Police do have some training in RJ, they tell us that it would often be more efficient for them to pass low level neighbourhood nuisance to our professional and impartial service. Indeed we are seen as being better placed, equipped and resourced to help facilitate level 1 conferencing and repair relationships. The key to the projects success is regular face to face meetings between the local Police team and our Assessment Officers.

Mediation Now - Family Matters

For those involved in separation, divorce or family disputes it can be hard to see the way ahead. Much needs to be discussed and resolved at a time when there may be a lot of anger or distress.

Portsmouth Mediation Service works closely with our partners, Mediation Now. They offer the support and guidance for couples and families to communicate, negotiate and resolve issues , make practical arrangements and help ease the emotional impact. Telephone 02392 431352.

Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner

Portsmouth Mediation Service is right behind the Hampshire Crime Commissioner's Restorative Vision and Strategy. We are committed to working closely with the Commissioner and his team to help make Portsmouth a safer place to live.

Restorative Justice Council

Our Membership of The RJC is very important to us - we have recently been awarded the Restorative Services Quality Mark, its something that we are very proud to have.
If your workplace or organisation is serious about introducing a restorative culture within what you do and who you are, then applying for the RSQM is a must.
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