A Restorative Approach
Have a look below on how we promote peace & prosperity in Portsmouth.
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  1. Assessment Service
    We have been running and operating Portsmouth Assessment Service in partnership with Portsmouth City Council Housing Department since 2001. Portsmouth Assessment Service is: designed for tenants and leaseholders of Portsmouth City Council (PCC) a route which may also be accessed by neighbours affected by tenants and leaseholders of the PCC, Read More
  2. Restorative Pathways
    We have made a fundamental change to the work of our organisation through the introduction of Restorative Practice and Restorative Justice. Our team have recently trained as Restorative Facilitators and we will use these new skills to help bring about a deeper peace to the conflict that is referred to us – a Just peace! Furthermore we are working with other partners to see Portsmouth become recognised as a Restorative city.
  3. Mediation
    Our Trained Mediators are able to quickly build a rapport with the individuals and parties concerned, encouraging them to talk about their concerns and anxieties. They assist in identifying the options open - as well enabling and encouraging people to consider the views of others involved as well as the potential impact upon them and the wider community as whole - thus empowering people to find mutually agreeable solutions.
  4. Teach Peace
    We are currently working with Portsmouth Primary Schools to establish Restorative Practices. We train both staff and pupils in ways to prevent conflict escalating and help them to bring about peace when things go too far. We also recruit and train Restorative Ambassadors who promote and encourage reconciliation.
  5. Police Partnership for Peace
    We continue to build partnerships with our local Police, promoting where appropriate alternatives to the traditional system of retributive justice. Our relationship with the Portsmouth Police are a priority for us and our City.
  6. Training Centre
    We do all of our mediation training in house, our trainers are not just talking a good game they are the people who are also operating at the sharp end, they love seeing people come together and agreements reached. Between them their is wealth of real life experience. We also have a great relationship with The Safer Portsmouth Partnership who are able to train volunteers up as RJ facilitators. .
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A Restorative Appraoch to Assessment & Mediation
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