Teach Peace
Training Primary School Children as Playground Mediators - winning hearts and minds for a Restorative School

Teach Peace
 Primary Schools

Portsmouth Mediation Service (PMS) launched its first Teach Peace Training Programme in November 2015 for Portsmouth Schools. This exciting project aims to build a restorative school culture where children and staff are equipped to repair broken relationships and prevent conflict and disputes from escalating.

Teach Peace has been developed by PMS under the guidance and inspiration of Laura Rook and John Swindell and is facilitated by them and other volunteers from Portsmouth Mediation Service. The programme takes a whole school approach and therefore seeks to teach and equip the children, staff and the parents.

The programme for the children consists of two introductory workshops which are run across the whole school. The first workshop looks at ‘Positive Relationships’ and the second looks at ‘Conflict Resolution’. Following these sessions  children, parents and lunch time staff get over 16 hours training to become school Mediators.

In addition every member of the staff team receive 3 one and half hour modules of training to help provide the skills and tool kit to build a restorative culture in their school

Following the very successful pilots at Ark Ayrton in Sommerstown and Woodcroft School in Wecock Farm, Waterlooville - this  pioneering programme is being extended to other primary schools local to Portsmouth.

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