We have a procedure when we get things wrong

The Portsmouth Mediation Service (PMS) values comments and feedback about its
service and the quality of the way in which it conducts its business. Complaints and
other such comments will be used to inform the PMS and stimulate changes to
policies and practices, leading to improved services for its users.
Complaints may be about:
 The standard of service provided
 The behaviour of Office staff, Assessment Officers, or Mediators
 Actual or perceived discrimination
 Policies or procedures

As an organisation focussed towards individual users and wishing to provide good
services to them, the PMS will respond to any reports of dissatisfaction or complaint
which it receives. This same form of response is offered also to organisations
obtaining services through the PMS.

Any complaints received and the outcome of investigations will be reported, without
disclosure of names or other identifiable details, to the Management Committee of
the PMS. This is to enable the Committee to monitor the performance of the service
and to identify and implement improvements to it.


Please dowload our complaints procedure here;

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